Is Memory Foam Better Than Spring?

Many people have a hard time deciding if memory foam mattresses are better than spring mattresses. Memory foam is typically more expensive, but it also lasts longer and can be more comfortable to sleep on. On the other hand, spring mattresses are cheaper, but they don't last as long, and some people might not find them as comfortable. Below we will discuss the pros and cons of both types of mattresses so you can make an educated decision for your home!


Memory Foam

NASA first developed memory foam as a way to absorb impact from space travel. This material responds to body heat and changes shape according to your weight distribution, molding itself perfectly around you as you sleep. Rightfully so, memory foam mattresses are often more expensive than spring mattresses because they last longer - up to ten years! Not to mention, these mattresses have a better overall quality and can help improve sleep cycles.



A spring mattress is made up of metal coils that support the weight of your body as you sleep. They are typically cheaper than memory foam mattresses, but they don't last as long - around five years on average. Spring mattresses tend to be less comfortable and conforming, which is why most people lean towards the memory foam route.


The Popular Opinion

Memory foam is better all-around than spring mattresses. Although memory foam can be more expensive than the traditional spring mattress, they offer longer use and overall, more benefits to your sleep. Take advantage of our special offers and find out for yourself why most Americans are making the switch away from traditional springs mattresses.