How To Break In A New Mattress

Buying a new mattress can be an investment, and while it is exciting to get a new bed, it's essential to know how to break it in properly. Many people assume that a new mattress will be comfortable from the first night, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Breaking in a new mattress can take time, but with patience and consistency, you can ensure that you have a comfortable and restful sleep.


Rotate your mattress regularly

The first step in breaking in a new mattress is to rotate it regularly. Most manufacturers recommend rotating your mattress every two weeks for the first three months, then every three months after that.


Sleep on it regularly

Sleeping on your new mattress regularly helps to break it in faster. Try to use it every night to help speed up the process.


Use a mattress topper

A mattress topper can help soften a new mattress's surface and make it more comfortable to sleep on. You can choose from a variety of materials, including memory foam or a down alternative.


Be patient

Breaking in a new mattress can take time, so it's important to be patient. Don't expect to feel the full benefits of your new bed immediately. Give it time, and you'll soon start to feel more comfortable.


In conclusion, breaking in a new mattress is essential to ensure a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. By following these tips, you can speed up the process and start enjoying a good night's sleep on your new bed.