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Reviews | I Love Pillow

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Check out what chiropractors have to say about our pillows!

"I highly recommend 'I Love Pillow' to all my patients. You get the comfort of a soft pillow along with the extra support to maintain proper spinal development while sleeping. The travel size is also convenient for long trips and works great for my pediatric patients! When looking for a new pillow I will always recommend 'I Love Pillow'!"
- Dr. Alisha Senechal


"I have been in chiropractic practice for over 25 years in Michigan and have tried many different pillows over the years. I had never really become excited about a pillow until I tried “I Love Pillow”. Previous “memory foam” pillows were too stiff and slow to change form. From the first night I tried I Love Pillow, it has never left my bed. The softer foam allows for a very comfortable sleep from day one.I have been recommending I Love Pillow to my patients for years! 
- Dr. Rich Sadowski


"...I absolutely love my two new contour pillows! They are the BEST pillows I have ever had and no longer wake up with a stiff/sore neck.  As a chiropractor, this is the ONLY pillow I will recommend to my patients.  I have tried many different types and shapes of pillows over the years, but the 'I Love Pillow' is the best out there."
- Dr. Steven Gill
Brighton Chiropractic

Here's what our customers have to say about their pillows!

"I have 4 of the fabulous 'I Love Pillow(s)' in [queen] size. I loved mine so much that I bought my husband and kids each one...
I suffer from frequent migraine headaches. About twice a month I receive IV medications for my headaches. This process takes several hours. I roll my 'I Love Pillow' up and put it in a backpack along with a blanket of uber soft material and take them with me every time. Having my favorite soft pillow and blanket makes the treatment easier for me if I'm comfortable. I think I've 'sold' a few of the nurses on the pillow too!"
- Cheryl

"Some people have said the 'I Love Pillow' is too firm, but there is a catch. You have to use it for more than one or two nights, however, so that your neck muscles have time to readjust their old memory patterns to a more natural neck alignment with your spine. Your neck may ache somewhat or be a little sore or stiff for a few nights, but then -wham- you will want to take it with you on trips and even into hotel rooms and on trains - it is that good! This pillow is also made in Michigan by Michigan workers, and the memory foam is exquisitely better than the Tempurpedic heavy firm memory foam! I have always been a 100% down pillow user, but this pillow is my lifeline to an excellent night's sleep. I know five people who swear by this pillow in addition to me. You will not regret buying this pillow!"
- Rita