The Perfect Sleep Solution Press Release

MILFORD, Mich.Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- I Love Pillow | I Love Mattress has crafted an advanced memory foam that has revolutionized the consumer sleep experience. Introducing the Perfect Fit Collection, which includes an advanced memory foam pillow and mattress that will form fit to any customer’s needs.  

The Perfect Fit Collection is a proprietary group of sleep wellness products, specifically pillows, and mattresses, made with their advanced memory foam that is made in the company’s hometown of Milford, Michigan.  “We seek to create products that are solutions for sleep. Our Perfect Fit (4 in 1 Mattress) continues that journey. Dual Support options provide a Firm or plush feel, and our reversible Dual Climate cover provides a Cooling or Comfy Side. These options allow the consumer to obtain the sleep solution that best fits their needs." said LMP Worldwide (DBA I Love Pillow | I Love Mattress) Managing Director, Bill Bush.

With consumers focusing more on healthy lifestyle living, I Love Pillow knows it needs to keep up with the trends and continue to innovate like they have for years. The Perfect Fit Pillow and Mattress are suited for any consumer, no matter how or where they sleep.

For over 25 years they have been considered “foam experts,” engineers who have manufactured foam for some of the largest companies in the United States. The foam experts at I Love Pillow craft each of these custom foams to fit the advanced formula created years ago. Some notable customers in the automobile industry include Ford, GM, BMW and Tesla. This Advanced Memory Foam was also recognized as the best for pain relief by in 2020.

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