The Benefits And 4-Step Process to Rotating Your Mattress

Taking the time to rotate your mattress can provide you with significant benefits, including better sleep and improved spinal alignment. This process is easy to do, but it's important that you follow the steps carefully to avoid any injury or damage. Don’t worry, we'll cover the steps you need to take to rotate your mattress today.


Determine Your Schedule

Ideally, you should rotate your mattress regularly, which is typically every three months. This schedule will ensure that you get the most out of your bedding without being too frequent to be inconvenient. Once you have set a time frame for rotating your mattress, you can move on to the next step.


Remove Pillows and Comforters

Before you start rotating your mattress, it's essential to remove any pillows or comforters from the bed. If you try to rotate your mattress with these items in place, you'll likely cause damage to the bedding. By removing them beforehand, you can prevent this issue and ensure that yours is a smooth rotation process.


Take Away Breakables

Before you start rotating the mattress, take a few minutes to remove any breakable items from its surface. This may include alarm clocks or children's toys. If these items were to roll off of the bed during the rotation process, there is a chance that they could get damaged, which can cause you inconvenience and unnecessary expense.


Rotate Your Mattress

Once you have removed any breakables and pillows from the bed, you can rotate your mattress. With the help of another person, simply lift up one side of the bedding and rotate it 180 degrees to the opposite end of the frame.


By taking the time to rotate your mattress every few months, you can improve the quality of your sleep. This process is quick and easy to do with a little help from another person, so there's no reason not to try it today.

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