Top 5 halloween Destinations

Top 5 halloween Destinations

October 07, 2016

This Halloween you can trunk or treat in the local parking lot and hit up the same old haunted house but if you want to ROCK OUT check out the list;

1. The Ghostbusters Headquarters


Currently fully operational Ladder 8 firehouse. You can not tour the building, however, it is for sure worth seeing this amazing destination. You can get a souvenir HERE at the Also worth noting around halloween its rumored they hang up the Ghostbusters sign.


2. Sleepy Hollow NY.

Headless horseman bridge, Sleepy Hollow cemetery, Lighthouse tour, old mansions.

This whole area is like one big creepy historical site and with all the activities around Halloween, its a blast. Check out more HERE 


3. The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary set sail in 1934. It is now docked in Long Beach and serves as a hotel, venue, restaurant, and many other things. (btw it's haunted...maybe?)

For Halloween why not find out if its haunted and enjoy the crazy festivities that go on during the Dark Harbor event. They go all out!!! Learn more HERE


4. Salem Massachusetts


1692 Witch Trials. (enough said) Brush up and watch the Crucible then head over to the coast and check out all the amazing history in this town. Costume balls, haunted tours, and all sorts of creepy history HERE.


5. New Orleans. The home of Voodoo


So the big easy is easily earns its title as the most haunted place in america. Ghosts of civil war soldiers and yellow fever victims strolling around is just the beginning. Here are a couple paranormal activity hotspots;

  •  Tomb of Marie Laveau, the legendary queen of voodoo.   (knock,knock,knock)
  • Gardette-LaPrete Mansion (ummm......ghosts)                                                    
  • The Beauregard-Keyes House  (even the pets are still haunting the place)
  • Muriel's Seance Lounge (eat here and try not to complain about floating plates and  glasses breaking)                                                                                          
  • Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop  (Notorious pirate Jean Lafitte's ghost appears here in his  old smuggling hideout)

Or if you want to avoid ghosts but still have a good time check out the Voodoo festival


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