Summer Summer Summertime

Summer Summer Summertime

July 01, 2016


Summer has arrived! It's finally time for camping, beach vacations, and cookouts. With 4th of July weekend, fireworks celebrations and bonfires will be plentiful. After the fun winds down, go to sleep on a new I Love My Pillow. To kick off your summer travel plans, buy any 2 pillows and get a FREE Travel Pillow 6/27-7/11!

Continuing our Midnight Snack Series, we're featuring a few easy snack recipes to fix that middle-of-the-night hunger. The Patriotic Ice Cream Float is perfect for National Ice Cream Month! 

We’re always trying to stay cool during the summer months. Beat the heat this summer and sleep cool with our Gel Pillow, featuring gel-infused foam inside a breathable bamboo case.  

July Holiday Highlights

Parks & Recreation Month

Blueberry Month

Hot Dog Month

Ice Cream Month


1st - Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day; Joke Day

4th - Independence Day

7th - Chocolate Day; Strawberry Sundae Day

13th - Embrace Your Geekiness Day

17th - Ice Cream Day

20th - Lollipop Day 

21st - Junk Food Day

23rd - Hot Dog Day 

26th - Aunt & Uncle Day

30th - Cheesecake Day; Friendship Day

31st - Harry Potter Day

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