Sleep Cool This Summer

Sleep Cool This Summer

June 06, 2016

Cool Down with Gel 

In the summer we’re always trying to cool down. We seek the shade, wear different clothes, and open all our windows to catch a breeze. However, it's still hot out, and falling asleep can be difficult when you're uncomfortable. 

Furthermore, your pillow might not be helping you stay cool. Pillows made with synthetic materials actually trap in heat, making it harder (and hotter) to sleep.

In the coming months, we recommend natural fabrics like 100% cotton or Bamboo for more breathable options. One little change can make a huge difference every night. 

Fight the heat with our Gel Pillow, designed to be temperature-regulating and breathable, so you can relax and sleep cool. The bamboo case provides air flow to the gel-infused foam to enhance the cooling experience. Read more about our Gel Pillow here

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