Shocking Secrets revealed about trick or treat

Shocking Secrets revealed about trick or treat

October 07, 2016

Ok, so there are tons of options to take with you to collect candy while trick or treating. With all the really cool buckets and bags now a days most people consider a pillow case old school and boring. We did some research and you need to see the facts about the pillow case option before you head out on the biggest candy collection night of the year.

First option is the candy bucket.  9.5lb.  375 pieces.

Not bad for starters new to Halloween or perhaps the person who likes getting a toothbrush or pennies.

Second option the Candy Bag  25lb.  885 pieces.

So you've done this before, costume ready and you know which house to hit first. If you go with the bag you will have enough candy to make it through Charlie Brown's "THE GREAT PUMPKIN" Keep in mind this is a short (but classic) film.

Third option the 5 gallon bucket.  20lb. 675 pieces

This was the surprise of the test. Less candy than the Bag option!  The bag might get too heavy so if you are in a hurry or on a busy street go with the bucket. It is very durable and if people are throwing candy it has a large opening at the top to catch every piece.

Fourth option The Pillowcase 47.75lb and 1690pieces

NOW WERE TALKING.  Go with this option if you have done the following;

  1.  Planned your route through the neighborhood.                                                          
  2. Charged your flashlight batteries ahead of time.                                                      
  3. Your costume ready to go since summer.                                                                  
  4. You want to have candy for a week or two. (not one night)                  

In conclusion going old school with the pillow case is the BEST option. You won't need it to sleep because you will have sugar to keep you awake while watching Ghostbusters or Beetlejuice


Check out the facts from here 

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